300 Pound Bouncer to be Tried for Battery
9 Beatings Reported - "Pattern of Violence Continues"
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November 6, 2002
By Steve Miller

A 300-pound, 6' 1" man employed as a bouncer at the Crazy Horse Too topless bar, 2476 Industrial Rd. is scheduled to be tried January 29 in Municipal Court on two assault and battery charges.

Maurice "Mo" McKenna, 41, was cited but not taken into custody on May 30, 2002, for the alleged beating of Scottsdale, Arizona tourist Michael Silverman. This was the second citation McKenna has recently received for allegedly beating Crazy Horse Too patrons.

Silverman's attorney told the Tribune that his client was waiting for the court results of the two battery cases before deciding whether to file a civil complaint against McKenna and his employer Frederick Rizzolo, owner of the Crazy Horse Too.

The attorney, who wished not to be identified, said that he expects the judge to order McKenna to take impulse control counseling, but because McKenna has had other similar charges, a dismissal is not anticipated. The attorney said that McKenna has a history of violent behavior.

McKenna has also been identified as the bouncer who allegedly assaulted Glendale, California tourist Chris Johnson on Monday, October 21. Johnson in a police report stated that a Crazy Horse bouncer pushed him into the street where he fell twisting his ankle. Johnson told the Tribune that the man who pushed him weighed over 300 pounds and matched McKenna's description.

On August 4, 1995, Scott David Fau was found beaten to death next to railroad tracks behind the Crazy Horse Too. Witnesses reported seeing Fau being severely beaten by Crazy Horse employees in the parking lot after he was ejected from
the bar. According to the witnesses, one of the men who was reportedly observed kicking Fau in the head was named "Moe."

Fau's widow sued the Crazy Horse Too for Wrongful Death. After three delays, the case is scheduled for trial on January 16, 2003, in the court of Judge Nancy M. Saitta.

In a Motion for a Protective Order filed by Crazy Horse attorneys on October 10,  the presence of criminal investigations by Metro and the FBI as well as a federal grand jury are acknowledged.

So far, 9 instances of criminal battery have been reported since 1995. An attorney representing one of the victims told the Tribune that a "Pattern of violence continues" unabated at the topless bar.

Mayor Oscar Goodman received a request for a Show Cause hearing against the bar in October, 2001, but he took no action.

Maurice "Moe" McKenna reportedly is still employed at the nightclub. Calls to the Crazy Horse Two were not returned.

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