Date: 6/5/03 12:44:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Stevemiller4lv
To: Jankara


Dear Councilwoman-elect Janet:

The article below in the Sun is the harbinger of your first true test as an elected official.

I received a call this morning from John L. Smith (LV Review Journal) asking if I was being considered as the replacement for Rick Henry, McDonald's Chief Ward Liaison.  I replied that I had no knowledge whether my name was in contention, but I would be honored to serve if asked.

The rumor was started by (a columnist in a local paper). He states in his article that if I were appointed, I would immediately plant listening devices and secret cameras all over City Hall for the FBI who want to get Oscar (Goodman, mayor of LV). He also said he told Oscar I would do so if appointed. He is dreaming, but (columnist's name) works for (a local topless bar owner) who is close to Cusumano who is close to Oscar, so there may be paranoia on Oscar's part when he hears such rumors. He should not feel that way - unless he has something to hide.

Nonetheless, if you want me, I will serve proudly. However, I predict that it will take a full public hearing to appoint me, and I am fully prepared to present my credentials at that time. When presented, it will amaze the public that I am actually over qualified for the job and have a perfect, clean record no matter what (former mayor) Jan Jones or (defeated councilman) Mike McDonald have said about me in the past.

Also, I left office as the "Most Effective Public Official in Southern Nevada." Oscar was just voted "Least Effective Official" by the same Review Journal Readers Poll, so who is he to judge me and give you orders? You have exactly the same authority according to the City Charter as he, and you need not take orders from anyone at City Hall. You only need respond to your constituents. To be a part of a corrupt team is not why you were elected, and that team is very afraid of (name withheld) and I.

I have been intensely interested in Council actions as a reporter, and am completely up to date on everything as you know. Oscar, or anyone else who objects to my presence has something to hide, and would have to acquiesce if this goes to a public hearing. At that hearing, you would immediately emerge as a powerhouse! In the meantime, you will be schmoozed by Oscar and possibly his "Information Ministers" including Tom Letizia, (two other local PR men), etc. to reject any thought of me assisting you. They will tell you that the other councilmembers would vote against me, so it would be futile and embarrassing to even consider my appointment. CALL THEIR BLUFF! They will back down.

I will be at -------- if you need me. I will also rush back to LV if there is a problem. Otherwise, enjoy the few days before the appointment, and I will always respect your opinion and decision on the above matter whatever it may be.


Today: June 05, 2003 at 11:15:51 PDT
Moncrief prepares for life at City Hall
By Dan Kulin

Except for campaign volunteers Betty Schultz and Abby Abeyta, Moncrief said, she's not sure who she'll bring on to her council staff or recommend to join the numerous city boards and commissions she will now have a say over. Moncrief said she has some ideas on others she wants to bring to City Hall, but refused to name them, saying she hasn't made any decisions or spoken with the potential candidates yet. Each council member can hire two management analysts and one executive assistant, although the hires must be ratified by a majority of the council, city spokeswoman Diana Sahagun said.