James "Buffalo Jim" Barrier
                                            March 22, 1953 – April 6, 2008

Presented in the memory of a dear friend by Steve Miller


July 1, 2007


LV City Council meetings.

"Frankly, I'd rather be attacked by a swarm of malaria-crazed mosquitoes than have
Miller and Barrier on my case." -  John L. Smith, LV Review-Journal, 07/27/05

Rick Rizzolo leaving court, June 1, 2006, AmericanMafia.com photo by Mike Christ

AmericanMafia.com photo by Mike Christ


April 2006, Buffalo hands out copies of Orange County Weekly
at Fredde Glusman's Mob hangout in Newport Beach, California (Photos by Jerica Barrier)

2008, Buffalo installs video surveillance system..

Photo by Mike Christ   (L to R) Psycho Sid, Bill Goldberg, Jim Barrier, Rick Steiner

Kids protest being called loiterers by Rick Rizzolo who wanted Buffalo Jim's Wrestling School
closed to make room for topless bar expansion

Buffalo Jim's Wrestling School audience watching Main Event

Tony Curtis


Las Vegas Review-Journal photo

Most Colorful Character
Buffalo Jim Barrier is the very definition of a modern Renaissance man. Owner of Allstate Auto Marine. Columnist for the Las Vegas Mercury (the R-J's hipper sister publication). Founder of the Buffalo Wrestling Federation. Curator of Buffalo Jim's Wrestling and Boxing Museum. Dean of his own wrestling school. We'd like to see Leonardo da Vinci beat all that, thank you very much.
In case this pick has many of you readers buffaloed, allow us to introduce you to Buffalo Jim Barrier.  He’s big.  He’s brawny.  He’s bearded.  He runs an auto and marine electrical service company, but he looks like he’d be right at home in a wrestling ring – which makes perfect sense, since he also runs a wrestling school and has launched his own wrestling federation, dubbed (what else?) BWF, the Buffalo Wrestling Federation, at Mahoney’s Silver Nugget in North Las Vegas.  But what we really want to hear are Buffalo Jim’s tales of all wrestlers he’s befriended through the years, from Goldberg to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who can be seen sporting a BWF T-shirt in Buffalo Jim’s portrait gallery on his personal internet site.  Nothing gets us newsroom wimps going like good wrestling gossip.

                                       Jennifer and Jerica Barrier - 2011

      Sarah Miller and Jerica "Lil Buff" Barrier (age 16), Shell Beach, California - Winter, 2008

                Lisa Miller, Jerica Barrier, Sarah Miller, Steve Miller - November 2010

                                                        Jerica Barrier 2011

                                        Elise and Jerica Barrier, September 2012

                                          Jerica "Lil Buff" Barrier, March 2013

Al Capone's cell, Alcatraz, 2004 (Photo by Jerica Barrier)

Visitor's room, Alcatraz, 2004  (Photo by Jerica Barrier)

Letter received in mail at Allstate Auto on April 5, 2008, the morning of Buffalo's death.
Barrier immediately faxed the letter to the LVMPD Organized Crime Bureau, FBI,
John L. Smith - LV Review-Journal, Joshua Longobardy - LV CityLife, and Steve Miller.

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Throngs mourn 'Buffalo Jim'
Larger-than-life character 'Buffalo Jim' Barrier meets untimely end
Apr. 13, 2008
Throngs of mourners from a cross-section of James "Buffalo Jim" Barrier's life paid respect to the colorful, bushy-bearded auto mechanic Saturday, sharing stories and vowing to solve the mystery surrounding his death a week ago.

Two short videos, a haunting song, and news coverage about the late James "Buffalo Jim" Barrier:

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