Another beating reported at local topless bar
Las Vegas Tribune
October 3, 2001
By Steve Miller

Las Vegas Tribune Photo - Fire, Police, and Paramedics respond to report of unconscious man in front of Crazy Horse
(Photo by Buffalo Jim Barrier)

LAS VEGAS - On Thursday, September 20, a man was reported lying motionless in front of the Crazy Horse Too topless bar at 2476 Industrial Road. Witnesses report that club personnel were standing over the injured man for approximately thirty-minutes until fire and rescue units arrived - without sirens - at 7:15AM.

At 7:35AM the man was transported by ambulance to UMC. A paramedic at the scene reportedly told an onlooker that the unidentified man had been "beat up."

Injured man being transported to hospital (Photo by Buffalo Jim Barrier)

Soon after arriving at UMC, the man, in his early twenties, was flown by air ambulance to an unidentified hospital in the midwest where he is now in intensive care. Doctors report that the man suffered a broken neck among other internal injuries.

A family spokesperson asked that the victim's identity and location not be disclosed.

The spokesperson told the Tribune that the man had been ejected from the topless bar for allegedly not paying an eighty-eight dollar bar tab. He then said that two bar employees beat the man who he described as of slight build, and took all his cash with the exception of one dollar.

Before returning to the bar, one of the bouncers reportedly snapped the man's neck causing his spinal cord to sever.

Metro police are investigating the incident and attempted murder charges are being considered against the two bouncers who have been identified by witnesses. Bar owner Frederick Rizzolo has not returned repeated calls for comment.

This is the second beating incident reported at the Crazy Horse Too in the past six years. The family of Scott David Fau brought a wrongful death action against the bar after he was found beaten to death next to railroad tracks behind the Crazy Horse on Aug. 4, 1995. Witnesses reported seeing Fau being severely beaten by Rizzolo's employees in the parking lot after he was ejected. The case is scheduled for trial on March 18, 2002.

The unidentified victim of the September 20 incident is married and has two children. Doctors report that his injuries have resulted in paralysis from the neck down. The family spokesperson stated that a lawsuit is being contemplated against the topless club.

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