Jan Jones and Bob List – Birds of a Feather

COMMENTARY: Steve Miller

Las Vegas Tribune

September 26, 2001

At this time of national mourning and revival, it’s easy to lose track of happenings in our own back yard.

Las Vegas and Reno are about the face the hardest of times while our citizens are justifiably distracted by more pressing issues outside our state’s borders. However, it is only a short time until we all will be hit with the realization that some of own are selling us out during our time of distraction, and that we need to be aware of their presence. We need to be as vigilant of their activities at home as we need to be vigilant of the activities of others far away to prevent long-term adverse effects on our Nevada way of life.

Several days prior to the attack on America, Nevadans were outraged by one of our former Governors selling his official title to the highest bidder. "Former Nevada Governor Robert List" sold his title to become a pitchman for the nuclear power industry. His story was widely reported.

Then almost lost in the dust of the World Trade Center surfaces another of our own who has sold out. One more titled Nevadan who is busy behind the scenes in California and Arizona pitching Indian casinos for Harrah’s; competition that will drain our state’s lifeblood.

"Former Las Vegas Mayor Jan Jones" has been extraordinarily effective in setting up competition on the roads leading into our state while "Former Governor Robert List" is ready to fill those roads with trucks carrying high level nuclear waste. This should be enough to generate a call to arms within our state borders, but is all but being overshadowed by our national and world dilemma.

"While the cat’s away, the mice will play" comes to mind.

While tourism here is currently curtailed by the fear of flying, gambling will still be the distraction of choice for those who would otherwise visit our state’s cities and towns. Soon it will be offered much closer to the California and Arizona homes of our most prized visitors if Ms. Jones is successful.

In the meantime, those who do venture to our city will be obliged to share the highway with the truckloads of dangerous waste Mr. List is promoting.

I sincerely hope that I am not the only Nevadan who comprehends the severity of BOTH of these threats!

Robert List has recently taken a lambasting in the state’s press while Jan Jones has remained mostly unscathed. What could be the reason for this dichotomy?

Mr. List is an attorney whose practice is quite successful and doesn’t need publicity. Ms. Jones works for a firm that thrives on publicity and budgets millions of dollars per year to purchase ads in local media.

Could the press be so intimidated by the ad buying power of the Rio and Harrah’s casinos that they turn their backs on her story? You be the judge.

Nevada law prohibits incumbent political office holders from using their titles for personal gain, but the law does not effect those of us who proudly display our titles after we leave office. I proudly proclaim that I am a former Las Vegas Councilman at the end of each column, but I am not out using that title to promote enterprises that are hazardous to my fellow citizen’s health or financial security, as is the case with List and Jones.

How many of us actually believe that List or Jones was hired at outrageous salaries for anything other than the impact their official titles would have in promoting their master’s ends?

The word "Traitor" is described in the dictionary as "One who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty." How better to describe the latest activities of List and Jones while they remain in our midst enriching themselves telling us not to worry and be happy?

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman and Clark County Regional Transportation Commissioner. Visit his website at: http://www.SteveMiller4LasVegas.com