Mary E Boetsch


I have received your "Opinion No. 9842" in the middle of my campaign for Las Vegas City Council. Your timing was of no surprise after witnessing the political favors you granted Mayor Jan Jones on the eleven occasions she appeared before you. Now you are at it again!

I am at a loss of words to express my disgust at receiving an "Opinion" from a person like you. I am especially disgusted when I remember your "Arrest Report and Declaration of Probable Cause" dated March 26,1997.

I am vehemently opposed to people like you being on public boards -- or on public roads -- after being arrested for a crime as serious as Drunken Driving. Furthermore, you lied to Nevada Highway Patrol officer R. M. Smith on the night of your arrest according to his official report. Case No. 6985949.

You had the gall to tell him that you had not been drinking, then changed your story! (BURRRP!) Why you chose to remain on the Ethics Commission after that night in 1997 completely baffles me. How dare you pass judgement on the ethics of others!

Because the "Opinion'" you sent me had your (BURRRP) signature on it, and since I am a staunch supporter of the strengthening of Drunken Driving laws, I will place your stupid "Opinion" in the closest appropriate receptacle and pull the handle.

Steve Miller