On My Soap Box: The Pit falls of Guardianship part 3

By: Rana Goodman
September 2014

The email I have received since I began this series has really been interesting, there are those that really “get it”, those that were totally unaware that anyone other than the
Disabled, children or the infirm would need a guardian.Then there are those that, although you would think they would know much better, seem to miss the point altogether.

In September, when part 1 of this series was published I sent a copy to professional guardian, Jared Shafer, who I believe I mentioned was a classmate of mine “back in the day”. I fully expected at least a protest of innocence, but heard nothing but the tranquil sound of silence. With the October publishing of part 2, I wrote many of the senate and assembly members and especially the senators whose term does not expire until 2016 since they are not knee deep in campaigning at this time. I was quite surprised when I received no reply whatsoever from any of them.Could it be that they actually don’t care? I find that hard to believe with our signed petition count coming in at a steady pace with months to go.

If you have not signed the petition yet, we are asking that the section of NRS 159.0595 be amended to change the Nevada residency requirement as a qualification for guardianship. Go to www.thevegasvoice.net Click on the picture Know your rights and sign, it will email directly to me.

 No one should have the right to mandate where a person, not convicted of a crime shall have to live. No one should have the right to separate families without just cause. The closest relative or family, if willing, which in most instances they are, should be responsible for family, not a stranger, as a guardian. Yet, strange as it may seem, no judge, lawyer, or legislator has yet been able to give me any logical rationale why our law dictates that, in order for you to have ANYONE qualify as your guardian, they must be a resident of Nevada…….. because????????

Most attorneys will tell you that you can name a guardian in your trust or your will, any you most assuredly can. However, the pattern in our Las Vegas court system is that these wills and trusts are not being honored if the person named is not a resident of our state. We must then change the law to remove the “wiggle room.” In my opinion, what is the good of a will or a trust if those wishes can be set aside by a complete stranger so that they can profit from our estate?

The fees charged by these professional guardians are beyond excessive and, according to my research and (here is the really scary part) the way the statute of NRS 159 is laid out, while they maintain guardianship they have control of every dime in the estate, including the power to ask the court, (meaning Norheim) to change the will, change your trust and sell and all property.

Please remember, Commissioner Norheim was NOT elected, he was appointed ten years ago by Judge Hoskis, no one has ever challenged him. Jared Shafer is not, nor has he ever been an attorney. He was the public guardian and in my opinion saw that there was much money to be made and became a professional guardian instead. Google them both!