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The financial exploitation evidenced on this website was sanctioned by Clark County Family Court Judge Charles Hoskin
and his appointed "Guardianship Commissioner" Jon Norheim. None of these atrocities could have happened without
their full approval under the color of arcane Nevada laws. The family court's response to this investigation is disingenuous
when you consider that their rules change depending upon the size of an estate. Millionaires are seldom allowed to be
cared for by their loved ones who Norheim, Hoskin, and the guardians invariably call "unfit" or "exploiters" to maintain
court ordered guardianship until the estate is fully drained.  Local police have been investigating Jared Shafer for
years, but have yet to request prosecution by the District Attorney.

    VICTIMS:  Jason Hanson                                 Guadalupe Olvera                          Marcy Dudeck and Charles Pascal                                  Anna Marie Gaule

The video testimonial by Jason Hanson,
one of Jared E. Shafer's exploited "wards"

Jason Hanson Sues Jared Shafer And Others For Civil
Racketeering, Fraud, And Embezzlement

Majority of Inheritance Stolen Under False Guardianship

"This has to stop." "I want justice." - Jason Vaughn Hanson



Valley man (Jason Hanson) wrestles with guardianship system

KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas
March 7, 2015

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How the Elderly Lose Their Rights
October 9, 2017
Williams took records from Shafer’s and other guardians’ cases to the Las Vegas police department several times. She tried to explain, she said, that “this is a racketeering operation that is fee-based. There’s no brown paper bag handed off in an alley. The payoff is the right to bill the estate.” The department repeatedly told her that it was a civil issue, and refused to take a report. In 2006, she submitted a typed statement, listing twenty-three statutes that she thought had been violated, but an officer wrote in the top right corner, “NOT A POLICE MATTER.” Adam Woodrum, an estate lawyer in Las Vegas, told me that he’s worked with several wards and their families who have brought their complaints to the police. “They can’t even get their foot in the door,” he said.  In 2010, Guadalupe Olvera, a ninety-year-old veteran of the Second World War, repeatedly asked that his daughter and not Shafer be appointed his guardian. “The ward is not to go to court,” Shafer instructed his assistants. When Olvera was finally permitted to attend a hearing, nearly a year after becoming a ward, he expressed his desire to live with his daughter in California, rather than under Shafer’s care. “Why is everybody against that?” he asked Norheim. “I don’t need that man.” Although Nevada’s guardianship law requires that courts favor relatives over professionals, Norheim continued the guardianship, saying, “The priority ship sailed.” When Olvera’s daughter eventually defied the court’s orders and took her father to live at her seaside home in Northern California, Norheim’s supervisor, Judge Charles Hoskin, issued an arrest warrant for her “immediate arrest and incarceration” without bail. The warrant was for contempt of court, but Norheim said at least five times from the bench that she had “kidnapped” Olvera. At a hearing, Norheim acknowledged that he wasn’t able to send an officer across state lines to arrest the daughter. Shafer said, “Maybe I can.” Shafer held so much sway in the courtroom that, in 2013, when an attorney complained that the bank account of a ward named Kristina Berger had “no money left and no records to explain where it went,” Shafer told Norheim, “Close the courtroom.” Norheim immediately complied. A dozen people in attendance were forced to leave.

April 12, 2015
Escape was only option for an old soldier trapped in guardian system
A month after he was granted temporary guardianship, Shafer petitioned the court to make it permanent — a legal move that tethered Olvera and his money to Nevada. Schultz and her father became increasingly suspicious of Shafer and the people he assigned to work with Olvera — people such as Shafer’s case manager, Patience Bristol, and his bookkeeper, Amy Deittrick. Although Olvera made it out of Nevada, his money did not. For years after Schultz and Olvera fled to California, Shafer continued an expensive court fight to maintain his status as the old soldier’s guardian. Olvera paid for all of it — about $240,000 in legal costs over five years, all billed to the estate Shafer still controlled. More than $130,000 of the charges went to lawyers representing Bristol and Shafer, Solomon Dwiggins and Freer, Clark & Trevithick in Henderson, and the Grunksy Law Firm in California. Shafer himself charged $250 per hour to send emails or make phone calls related to the case. Often he and his lawyers would discuss matters over the telephone, with each billing Olvera’s account separately for their time, according to invoices obtained by the Review-Journal.

July 22, 2015
EDITORIAL: Clark County adult guardianship program must better protect wards
Las Vegas Review-Journal
If there were any doubts that the Clark County adult guardianship system needs a major overhaul, they were cast aside last week in the first meeting of a 26-member panel commissioned by the Nevada Supreme Court.
As reported by the Review-Journal's Colton Lochhead, the panel is aiming to fix what three of the state's top justices view as a troubled process that has seen some guardians drain hundreds of thousands of dollars from the accounts of elderly and mentally incompetent Nevadans. Yet during the meeting, Jared Shafer, who worked for more than 20 years as the Clark County public administrator and public guardian before starting his private professional guardianship business in 2003, stated that the system "isn't that bad." Certainly not for Mr. Shafer, whom Mr. Lochhead wrote about earlier this year in an extensive series on the seriously flawed guardianship system. Mr. Shafer took over as the court-approved guardian for World War II veteran Guadalupe Olvera in 2009. Over the next 3 years, Mr. Olvera's estate was drained of at least $420,000 -- including $240,000 in legal costs as his daughter, Rebecca Schultz, who lives in Aptos, Calif., fought to gain guardianship.

Shafer Tells Panel That Families Rip Off Loved Ones - Not Guardian's
By Kean Bauman
July 15, 2015

                 Click on image to view his amazing statement and the reaction from a victim

July 15, 2015
Ex-official: guardianship system 'isn't that bad'
By Colton Lochhead
Las Vegas Review-Journal
"I‘ve been doing this for 35 years," Shafer said. "And until a couple cases came up, there‘s never been a problem with the system." After speaking, Shafer walked out of the court room. Deputy Clark County District Attorney Jay Raman, who prosecutes most of the county‘s guardianship and elder exploitation cases, has seen evidence that contradicts Shafer‘s view. Fees charged by private guardians, he said, deserve some focus. Statewide they range from about $40 to upwards of $250 an hour. It feels like a crime for how much is being charged," Raman said.

Police Lt. Explains How Family Court Steals From Wards

Private "Guardian" Jared E. Shafer's Racket
Exposed By Nevada's Largest Newspaper

Clark Co. Family Court Judge Jon Norheim cowers when
Shafer orders him to throw public out of hearing
during discussion of missing $500,000.00.

Clark County Commissioners, Nevada lawmakers move to reform ‘appalling’ guardianship program
April 22, 2015

County Commission probing ‘frightening’ abuses in guardianship system
By Conor Shine
Tuesday, April 22, 2015

Clark County Commissioners Demand answers from Guardianship Court
By Kean Bauman.
Apr 21, 2015

Las Vegas "guardian" Jared E. Shafer
sued for "embezzling" $420,000.00
from 95 year old former "ward"


"Shafer and the other Defendants herein are responsible for embezzling, taking
under wrongful pretenses and otherwise fraudulently or wrongfully diminishing
the value of Olvera's and the Trust's assets in an amount to be proved at trial,
but in excess of $420,000.00."

"Shafer embezzled funds from the bank accounts of the Guardianship Estate
of Guadalupe Olvera, by submitting false or inflated invoices for payment
and by taking possession of social security and pension funds without
rendering an accounting of how those funds were kept and utilized."

"By Defendants' multiple fraudulent acts of embezzlement of funds and
receiving possession of money in excess of $250.00, Defendants
committed predicated racketeering acts."

"Upon information and belief, many of the reimbursements paid by the
Guardianship, Estate and/or Trust benefiting Guadalupe Olvera to PFSN
were for charges made to the personal credit card(s) of Jared E. Shafer."

"Upon information and belief, the Guardianship was charged for
expenses completely unrelated to Plaintiffs well being and care."

August 11, 2014


More Damning Evidence Uncovered Against Private Guardian Jared E. Shafer

In August, 2009, private guardian Jared Shafer and his CPAs, Bruce Garnett and Shawn King, avoided criminal charges by secretly agreeing to pay back money Shafer converted from the accounts of his Clark County Family Court assigned "wards" into an immense Utah based Ponzi Scheme.

Even though Shafer and his CPAs were caught red handed by the US Security and Exchange Commission, they were not criminally charged and were allowed to continue handling the assets of wealthy wards of the court if they returned the money. But by that time, most of the bilked wards had died, and their heirs were never informed of the disposition of their loved one’s assets after required financial reports were allowed to go unfiled by the guardian because Family Court Judges William Voy, Charles Hoskin, and Hearing Master Jon Norheim regularly allowed the omission of financial reports when it involved Jared Shafer.

Interestingly, the public had no right to know this information based on the "Confidentiality" clause in the following Settlement Agreement obtained exclusively by INSIDE VEGAS. (The source of this information is protected under NRS 49.275, the Nevada Reporter's Shield Law.)


S.E.C. Press Release:
S.E.C. Complaint:  

               "Guardian" Jared Shafer                            Convicted felon "guardian" Patience Bristol

Jared E. Shafer of Professional Fiduciary Services of Nevada, Inc. (PFSN, Inc.) should be de-certified by the Center for Guardianship Certification (CGC) for violating The Code of Ethics for Guardians.

The source of the following documents is protected under NRS 49.275: "No reporter, former reporter or editorial employee of any newspaper, periodical or press association or employee of any radio or television station may be required to disclose any published or unpublished information obtained or prepared by such person in such person's professional capacity in gathering, receiving or processing information for communication to the public, or the source of any information procured or obtained by such person, in any legal proceedings, trial or investigation: 1. Before any court, grand jury, coroner's inquest, jury or any officer thereof. 2. Before the legislature or any committee thereof. 3. Before any department, agency or commission of the state. 4. Before any local governing body or committee thereof, or any officer of a local government."

Below are some of Jared E. Shafer's bogus bills "bled"
from Guadalupe Olvera's trust account AFTER
Shafer's guardianship was terminated

Note total of $10,925 for "E-mail" read at $422 per hour

Based on the following Invoices showing illegal charges made to a ward's trust account, Shafer was relieved of responsibilities as a guardian by a client for actions that involved "fraud, misrepresentation, material omission, misappropriation, moral turpitude, theft, or conversion" - violations of the CGC "Guardian Eligibility Standards."


Total of invoices = $36,698.05

Total hours listed on those invoices = 86.81336 hours labor

Per hour "guardianship" charge = $422.72 hr.


The following check was cashed by Jared Shafer. The family of the late Marcy Dudeck say they were never informed of the check, nor received the proceeds from it after her death. Mrs. Dudeck was under guardianship at the time she purportedly signed the check, and was legally prohibited from being a signatory on any legal document.

An insurance check (below) for $20,000 issued to the "Estate of Carmela Olvera, Deceased" that was entrusted to "The Powell Litigation Group and Jared E. Shafer Special Administrator" was deposited by Shafer on December 15, 2011.

The funds have never been accounted for according to Carmela Olvera's widower 94 year old Guadalupe Olvera.

Five months after the check was deposited. the Powell Litigation Group filed for bankruptcy claiming assets of less than $50,000. Shafer in 2013 told officials in California that he did not know the whereabouts of Olvera's $20,000. This is a clear violation of NRS 159.073 (1) A summary of the duties, functions and responsibilities of a guardian, including, without limitation, the duty to: (I) Act in the best interest of the ward at all times.


NRS 159.073 (III) Protect, preserve and manage the income, assets and estate of the ward and utilize the income, assets and estate of the ward solely for the benefit of the ward.
(IV) Maintain the assets of the ward in the name of the ward or the name of the guardianship. Except when the spouse of the ward is also his or her guardian, the assets of the ward must not be commingled with the assets of any third party.

All deposits underlined in REDwere funds intended for wards, but were commingled with other funds including payments for political advertising "Signs" that were deposited into Shafer's PFSN corporate checking account, a violation of NRS 159.073 (III) (IV).

Jared Shafer owns a company called Signs of Nevada, therefore I have found that during elections he is able to support his chosen candidates for Family and District Court Judge, DA, Sheriff, Assemblyman, and State Senator. With this power, I believe he has been able to control legislation, and judicial decisions to favor his position as a for-hire guardian. - SM

Over three dozen A-frame political signs rented or donated to politicians
by Jared Shafer's PFSN Inc., have become shelters for vagrants

By Steve Miller
April 29, 2014

Politicians say that Shafer is the go-to guy when it comes to cheap political billboards - a sure fire way to endear
himself to those with power over the lives and fortunes of his hapless wards and their heirs, and that is why
many of his critics believe he has escaped being investigated or prosecuted locally for dozens of
complaints of exploiting the elderly.


CA Superior Court Restores 94 Yr. Old WW2 Hero's Rights After "Guradian" Jared Shafer converted $360K From His Trust

After Shafer bled over $360,000 from Olvera's family trust, California Superior Court Judge Paul M. Marigonda on August 21, 2013 released Olvera from a California guardianship required by  Shafer as a condition for termination of Shafer's four year long control of Olvera's person and fortune. This confirmed that Olvera was competent to handle his personal and financial matters, and had been needlessly exploited by Shafer.

On May 22, 2013, attorneys for Kristina Berger accused Jared Shafer in open court of "converting" $456,795.00 of Berger's assets. In response, Shafer startled court observers by ordering Clark County Guardianship Commissioner Jon Norheim to "Close the courtroom," assuming the video recording of the proceeding would cease. The judge obediently agreed to close the court and have all spectators escorted out by the bailiff. Here is the amazing video record:

On May 1, 2014, Kristina Berger sued Shafer and his crew for stealing from her trust account. Here is the full text of the lawsuit:

In 2009, Shafer and his CPAs Bruce Gammett and Shawn King narrowly avoided SEC criminal prosecution by returning money they "fraudulently obtained from unknowing senior citizens to invest in a Ponzi scheme."


First articles about Shafer:

Los Angeles Times
September 27, 1987
Las Vegas' public guardian, Jared Shafer, has drawn fire for making real estate investments with partners in the law firm he chose to handle most of his office's business.

Corruption in Nevada: 11, Editorial by Steve Miller
May 31, 2006
Even though Thomas Gaule is qualified and desires to care for his mother, Shafer anxiously took charge of the woman - and her fortune - after she walked away from the private residence she and her son had long shared and was found wandering several blocks away.

Recent stories:
KTNV TV News CONTACT 13 stories:
MARCH 13, 2015

MARCH 6, 2015

FEBRUARY 2, 2015




Canada Free Press articles articles:
The Jason Hanson - Jared E. Shafer Story
"Special Administrator" Jared E. Shafer takes house and 
inheritance from 24 year old man with cerebral palsy

"All I wanted to do was go home, but Shafer takes fervent joy in 
destroying people's lives." - Jason Hanson (Videos Included)


Click HERE to read Shafer's 98 page response to allegations he steals from his elderly, disabled, or veteran wards.



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